Project Swingers Cruise is for sale, boat as well.

Project 'Swingers Cruise' is for sale, boat as well.

Mediterranean - Greece, Montenegro, Croatia and Albania

Swingers cruise

New destination 2015 - Corfu - Greece - Корфу - Греция - Κέρκυρα - Ελλάδα - Corfú - Grecia - Corfou - Grèce - Korfu - Griechenland.

Participation in the our Adult Sailing Holiday can be taken only by fit, sexy, attractive, handsome, modern couples.

There are many reasons why you should visit Adriatic sea - Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania with us. This is one of the tourist attraction destinations to go on holiday - vacation as an individual or with family and friends. For the past years, Mediterranean has evolved into a wonderful place for tourist. Here are many destinations you could visit during your holiday on boat Gulet cruise. You've probably heard the words : Boat, Gulet, Charter, Cruise, Relaxing Cruise, Sailing, Blue voyage, Blaue reise, Blue cruise, Vacation, Carpe Diem, Swingers, Lifestyle, Couples, Nudist, Nude, Adult, Holidays, Orgy Boat, Yacht, Beaches, Croatia, Mediterranean, Greece, Montenegro, Albania, Travel, Trip, Group sex, Sex on the deck, Party Boat, Sensual, Charter, Rent, Adventure, Resort etc, but do you really know their meaning in essence?

Adult Mediterranean sailing vacations - swinger lifestyle cruises on a sailing yacht - the special swinger vacation. Swinger sailing vacations on a  private boat Gulet with crew, for adult couples only, who enjoy the alternative lifestyle, cruising the Mediterranean with time to enjoy activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, kite surfing, wind surfing, horse riding, Jet-skies, Water-skies, Wind surfing, kneeboard, AquaSkipper, Canoes, etc.

Nude Nudist vacations in the Mediterranean on a clothing optional private sailing charter yacht with crew in the most beautiful East Mediterranean part – Montenegro, Croatia, Albania -  a naturist and swinging sailing vacation paradise. Discover a new tropical islands every day on your next Mediterranean clothing optional, adults only, sailing vacation.

After all the "stresses of modern day life" and the every day madness, its time for "all smooth sailing", relax, get naked and unwind. We will cater to you and help to make this swingers vacation unforgettable. Let us show you all the secluded spots, to let loose on your clothing optional Mediterranean cruise.
This is a special time to  get  away from it all and enjoy a  unique  adult travel swinger cruise on a private boat Gulet with a host crew.   After all  the "stress" of  the every day madness, it is now time to relax, unwind and play. We will take care of the excellent food and the exotic drinks for your adult erotic swinger vacation and know all the secluded spots for your swinger cruise, just for you to let loose. Your swinger trip will be adapted  to your special needs: you  want  to  have fun, get naked or play on the beach, water-ski in a  secluded  turquoise  bay, ride the tube, snorkel, enjoying the colorful reefs, dance  the night away at a typical Disco  bar, enjoy the privacy of your cabin or have fun on deck, when no other boats are around, have dinner on the deck at sunset time, watching  falling star, twilight hour and all this can be done on your next adult vacation swinger lifestyle cruise and is just  a short 1 click or e-mail  away.
Our Swingers Cruise gives swingers a chance to mingle with like-minded people in an open, erotic atmosphere.
We offer  the very best in exciting and sensual lifestyle vacations.
Escape with us, take off in true freedom under the Mediterranean starlit sky with the sweet erotic, beautiful couples around you for unequaled opportunities to enjoy the Swinging Lifestyle.
Our sexy couples enjoyed everything from hot fun and games, to intimate rendezvous around the ship lounging with their favorite cocktail and meeting other sensuous couples.

Our Swingers Cruise Sailing is unsuspected lust with anticipation of a week of sun, sex and wild adventures.

If you  have very demanding jobs, this trip rekindled your romance and will  have fall in love again. 
 These lifestyle holidays are known as Swinger cruises, sailing or resorts. Every individual on the swinger vacation has the right to explore their sexual desires. You can simply shed your clothes and spend an erotic evening in your private cabin while fulfilling your sexual fantasies.
Controversial sail would give swingers a chance to meet like-minded people in an “open, erotic atmosphere.
We offer only world class destination vacations to our favorite adult only, all exclusive destinations in the Montenegro, Croatia and Albania at a price you can not find anywhere else.  We offer luxurious adult/couples only vacation cruise and anything else under the sun that we may find.  We understand you are looking for one thing: romantic, sexy, adult vacations at an affordable cost!  We strive to provide a quality product at the lowest possible price.  We want to make Swingers Cruise as customer friendly as possible.
To meet the needs of sexually open-minded people looking to enhance their vacation experience.
Come and relax on the beach or take cold drink on the deck and then just jump from the Gulet to the blue, crystal sea.
A Mediterranean yacht charter holiday is one filled with passionate culture, spectacular vistas, and deep history wrapped in the enduring blue of the Mediterranean sea. You can spend many summers chartering the countries of the Mediterranean, the untainted charm of Croatia, to the exotic cultural mix of Montenegro. The lifestyle of a yacht charter in the Mediterranean is unparalleled and not to be missed.
The height of the yacht charter season in the Mediterranean is July and August but encompasses April to the end of October. The climate is warm and sunny in these Summer months and the winds generally light, making for excellent boating conditions. While being on a private yacht charter allows you to avoid the crowds as you please, you can be sure to find a greater choice of quiet anchorages in the shoulder months April/May or September/October and less barrage of onshore tourists.
The East Mediterranean offers more than a one week vacation. Among the many options are a beautiful bay Bokokotorski,  many of Croatia isles,  the famous Dubrovnik , sun bathe in trendy Ulcinj nude nudist erea along side celebrities, walk the charming old port of Kotor and try wind sports in South of Montenegro.
Or take a week and head for quiet yachting in beautiful areas Albania.

Our Swingers Cruise provides a unique range of adult cruise events for curios and swinging openmind couples.

Our Swinger cruises have become a sought after travel destination. This lifestyle vacation meets the need of every swinger. It is amazing to spend a vacation among people who have similar mindset and sexual desires. Hence, it clear that your emotions will the reciprocated in appropriate manner.
East Mediterranean  have become a popular swinger travel destination. This experience will be heartwarming for swingers who enjoy swinger as well as adventurous activities. You can hit the deck and enjoy activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing, kite surfing, wind surfing, horse riding, Water-ski, hydrofoil and kneeboard, Canoes, etc.
This boat Gulet have accommodation for six openmind sexy couples, so you can plan a private lifestyle vacation with your swinger friends.
A Gullet is typically built of pine wood and styled with a pointed fore and round aft. Traditionally they have been hand made by master craftsmen from Bodrum area of Turkey, and hence are referred to as "Bodrum type " yachts or Gullets.
True lifestyle couples run this swinger cruise ship and really know what couples want. Convention couples (like us) are involved and have input to bring you a better cruise.
All to make your trip better and more exciting.  You'll love the atmosphere and the experience.

Our Swingers Cruise is the right choice, only for you.

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Book boat Gulet Cruise on MediterranianSwingers Cruise Team offer only world class destination vacations to our favorite customers only, all exclusive destinations in the Montenegro, Croatia and Albania at a price you can not find anywhere else. We offer luxurious vacation cruise and anything else under the sun that we may find. We understand you are looking for romantic and exciting vacations at an affordable cost!
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