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Mediterranian - Greece, Croatia, Montenegro

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There are many reasons why you should visit us Adriatic Sea. Croatian coast, Montenegro and Albania are among the most attractive tourist destinations for individual holidays or family or with friends. In past years the Mediterranean has turned to tourism in a wonderful place that you can visit during the cruise Gulet Cruise. You've probably heard the words: ship, gulet, charter, cruise, relax, sail, surf, blue voyage, blaue reise, holidays, Carpe diem, swingers, couples, nude, adult holidays, orgy boat, beaches, Mediterranean, Greece, Montenegro, Croatia, Albania, group sex, sex on board, party boat, adventures ... but do you really know the substance of their meaning?

Cruise to the Mediterranean for adults - swinger, a lifestyle on the ship arranged only for the swinger vacation. The Swinger boat Gulet Cruise with the crew is only for adult couples in favor of an alternative way of life, able to appreciate both the navigation for the Mediterranean, is diving, windsurfing, horseback riding, water skiing, boating and so on.

Nudist vacation on a yacht chartered with the crew, sailing in the eastern part of the Mediterranean - Montenegro, Greece, Croatia and Albania - that is, a heavenly vacation! You will discover a new island every day during your next vacation in the Mediterranean, exclusive holidays for adults.

After the stressful conditions caused by modern life, unplug it, surrender to navigation in the Mediterranean, to relax, strip yourselves and enjoy your time. We will make an unforgettable holiday Swinger! We will show you hidden places where 'clothing will be superfluous.
It' s the right time to get away from everyday life and choose this exceptional, unique, Swinger boat Gulet Cruise and his competent crew. During your erotic swinger cruise we will offer quality food and exotic drinks and get to know hidden places where you can indulge in the joys of life. The Swinger Cruise will be "tailor-made", just as you wish: you can have fun, put off, or play on the beach, water skiing in a hidden turquoise bay, practicing water sports, dance the night away at a typical Disco bar, appreciate the intimacy of your cabin, enjoy yourself on board, without being disturbed by anyone, dine poolside at sunset, watching the shooting stars or the sun rise, you can do everything at the next Swinger cruise, which you is only a small email.
our cruise Swinger Swinger gives the opportunity to get to know other people open-minded, in a erotically stimulating.
we will offer the best for an exciting vacation and full of passion.
Flee with us, abandon yourselves to true freedom under the starry sky of the Mediterranean with other beautiful erotic couples around you, to take advantage of the unparalleled opportunities that Swinger lifestyle offers.
our couples can make the most physical pleasure from the games in the jacuzzi, intimate "rendez -vous "on board, meeting other equally sensual couple.

Our cruise is extraordinarily vicious and promises a week of sun, sex and wild adventures.

If your job requires a lot of energy, this trip will renew your love life and make you fall in love again.
Holidays like this are known as cruises, sailing or Swinger resort. During the holidays, everyone is allowed to explore their own sexual desires. You'll just undress and spend an erotic evening in the privacy of your cabin where your sexual fantasies come true.
The Swinger Cruise gives the opportunity to meet people from open mind in a 'erotic and stimulating atmosphere.
We offer luxury destinations to our customers adults, exclusive destinations in Montenegro, Croatia and Albania at a price estremanente competitive. In adults, lusty couples we offer a cruise vacation and everything you can find in the sun. We know that you are looking for only one thing: a romantic, sexy adult at an affordable price. We will provide a quality product at the lowest possible price.
We will be able to satisfy the sexual needs of people open-minded who seek to enrich their experiences.
Come and relax on the beach or take on board a drink in the Jacuzzi and then splash the gulet boat in the crystal blue sea.
a holiday in the Mediterranean on board the yacht is characterized by spectacular landscapes and traces of ancient history scattered in the Mediterranean. You can admire the unspoiled beauty of the Croatian coast and the unusual mix of cultures of Montenegro. The lifestyle of a yacht is really unforgettable and unmissable.
The climax of the season in the Mediterranean are July and August, but cruises are organized from early April to late October. The climate is mild and sunny and the wind is usually mild, so in fine weather conditions are favorable to navigation. Sailing on a ship at your sole disposal, you can avoid overcrowding and to find quiet anchorages in April / May or September / October, when there are fewer tourists.
The Adriatic coast offers more than a week of vacation. You can visit the wonderful mouth of Cathar, many of the Dalmatian islands, the famous city of Dubrovnik, the beaches of the "trendy" Ulcinj sun-kissed, where there are areas for nudists and where you can find many celebrities, or stroll through the narrow streets of Cathar or engage yourself in sports that require a bit 'of wind.
or you can spend a week at a slow navigation along the coast of Albania.

Our cruise Swinger offers a wide range of events for adults, curious couples.

Our Swinger cruises are very popular, as they meet the desires of every swinger. It 'nice to spend a holiday with people whose sexual desires are related. Therefore, it is evident that your emotions will be received properly.
The eastern Mediterranean has become one of the most popular destinations swinger. Especially swinger who love adventure will not be disappointed. Take part in water sports, water skiing, wind surfing, horseback riding, boating or flying with very light structures, etc. The gulet ship can accommodate six pairs and you can plan a holiday together with your friends swinger. According to tradition, the gulet vessel was built of pine wood and hand-made by skilled carpenters Bodrum (Turkey) and is known as "the ship of Bodrum" or gulet ship. Everything to make your trip more exciting and unico.Apprezzerete definitely the atmosphere and the experience.

Our cruise Swinger is the right choice, just for you.

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